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What Are Tax Deeds?

When the property owners become delinquent they are given a set amount of time to pay their past due property taxes to the county, usually between one and three years. If they fail to do so, the county issues an initial notice of default and announces the sale of the tax lien certificate or tax deed for a public auction. However, we at LEVERAGE only educate & invest in TAX DEEDS.

Differences Between Tax Liens and Tax Deeds The primary differences between tax liens and tax deeds; tax liens are typically a long-term investment and tax deeds are considered short-term investments. With tax deeds you walk away with the property deed the day of purchase! Tax deeds are extremely exciting for "new" real estate investors  because of the low risk and high reward. 

What are OVERAGES?
Zero Investment and NO RISK
Once you have attended an auction and a property is sold to the maximum bidder, the maximum bid amount less the delinquent amount is considered the overage; which can be claimed.

For example, if the delinquent amount (minimum bid) is $10K and the property is SOLD for $50K the overage is $40K. You as an investor, can help the owner collect the overage of $40K and receive a percentage.   

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